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Reggio Emilia: Don't miss to visit...


Reggio Emilia has developed along the Via Emilia a roman transport route that linked in the past as today the city of Piacenza to the city of Rimini. Reggio nell'Emilia has been denominated the city of the Tricolour because the Italian flag, inspired by the banners of the Cispadane Republic, has been created and shown for the first time in this city on the 7th of January 1797.


The banner has been exposed in the Tricolour room of the 18th century City Hall, the same room that hosts today the municipal council sessions.


The historical center of the city, crossed by the Via Emilia, has an hexagon elongated shape and has a 17th-18th century style.


The most important monuments are:


- The Duomo

- The Church of San Giovanni Battista(Baptistery)

- Basilica of San Prospero

- The Church of Sant'Anselmo from Lucca

- The Church of Sant'Agostino

- Temple of the Blessed Virgin of the Ghiara

- The Teathre Municipale of Romolo Valli

- The Teathre of Ludovico Ariosto

- The Civic Museums

- The Palace Ancini

- The Palace Busetti

- Municipality and Sala of the Tricolour


For shopping and fashion lovers...


The downtown of Reggio has a variety of shops with national and international brands.


At the outskirts of the city,stadium area Giglio,there is the famous mall centre 'I Petali' with shops,a cinema,a fitness centre and different kinds of restaurants and bars.


For the Gourmets...



The main ingredient of the Reggio Emilia cousine is the pork, bred since the Middle Age in the surrounding areas. From the pork, apart hams and sausages, is made the lard, basic ingredient of the local cousine.


Great importance is given to cheese, mainly Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. and to other dairy products as butter.


Among the vegetables a certain importance have spinach and chards that are the main ingredients of two well known dishes from Reggio: green tortelli and erbazzone (spinach pie).




Gnocco fritto (fried dough puffs), Erbazzone, salami and cold cuts


First Course dishes:


Green Tortelli (filled pasta), Tortelli with pumpkin, Tagliatelle with ragu, Cappelletti in brodo (stuffed pasta served in broth), Lasagna, Potato Gnocchi and Passatelli(soup with parmesan dumplings)


Second Course dishes:


Mixed boiled meats, Stracotto (donkey or ox stew), Punta di vitello ripiena (stuffed veal), Cappello del prete, Rabbit or Tripe at the Reggio style.




Intrigoni (strips of shortbread pastry fried), Spongata (flat cake made with pastry dough) and Tortellini fritti (fried pastry dough filled with jam) eaten at Christmas time, Biscione Reggiano (almond dough mixture), Zuppa inglese (trifle), Grape sauce and Chesnut cake.


For Opera and Fair lovers...



The Reggio Emilia fair covers an area of over 100.000 square feet with 3 wide halls equipped with updated technologies and services for all needs.


It is specialized in livestock thanks to important international events as the pig and ornithological fair and the show of the American horses.


It offers as well events regarding free time, contemporary art, home design and antiques.


Directions: from downtown  you can take bus number 5 or number 9.The fair exhibitional area is 800 meters from the highway exit Reggio Emilia.


The theatre Municipale Valli is the third best opera house in Italy, a 19th century jewel, where you can attend concerts and operas of outstanding quality.


For art exhibition lovers we recommend...


- Art Gallery 2000 & Novecento 2000 & Novecento (Address: 43 Corso Garibaldi Giuseppe)


- Art Gallery Bonioni Arte Snc (Address: 4/a Piazza Fontanesi Antonio)


- Art Gallery S.r.l. Zamboni E. Zamboni (Address: 2/d Viale Allegri Antonio )


- Rodolfo Pietro ,frames and gold auctions (Address:1 Via dei Gonzaga)


- Stanislao De Bonis (Address: 30 Via Emilia S.Pietro)


- Officina delle Arti (Address:29 Via Brigata Reggio)


- Maramotti Collection (Address: 66 Via Fratelli Cervi)


In conclusion, Reggio Emilia is also known as the crucial centre of the region 'Terre (lands)Matildiche' characterized by castels, old churches and historic villages.


It is a hilly landscape in which the medieval civilization has left traces in the territory and where gastronomic traditions have maintained a strong bond with history.


The Terre Matildiche are one of the most charming aspects of the region and a tourist international attraction.


The traditions of the 'Terre Matildiche' are also narrated in costumed events and are linked to the history of the great Countess Matilde di Cannossa (11th-12th century).















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Reggio Emilia